Hello there, just a small introduction. My name is Basirat Ajayi and I am the proud owner of Sip & Sinmi, a nails & beauty salon situated in Urban Rites Hair Salon in Chelsea. I have always had a passion for nails and beauty and after completing my training over 5 years ago I decided to use the experience gained to start up a beauty business which caters to the health and wellbeing of my clients.

Sip & Sinmi originates from the English word “Sip” and the Yoruba word “Sinmi”, a combination of my heritage. Sinmi means to unwind and relax which replicates how my clients feel during and after their treatments.
Here at Sip & Sinmi my aim is making sure my clients feel right at home, so whether you want a glass of Prosecco in addition to your pedicure or just a friendly chit chat alongside your manicure it’s your choice. I want all my clients however, big or small a treatment, to feel free to be comfortable, to feel free to vent and relieve the stresses of their day and to feel free to Sip & Sinmi.